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Art Practice for Mental Clarity

March 17, 2017

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Art and the Mind: Study Shows Anti-Aging Effects of Making Art

June 10, 2017


We already know that making art is a great way to exercise our creative sides. Painting or crafting is a fun way to spend an afternoon with friends. But is there a connection between art and a youthful mind? Can making art also be a way to keep our brains young?


study in Germany is pointing to art as a way fend off the aging process. The study followed two groups of recent retirees for 10 weeks. The first group participated in an art class once a week. This group learned about painting and drawing, and created their own pieces of art. The second group visited museums and engaged in discussions and art viewings. Both groups had their brains scanned before and after the study. 


By the end of the study, neurologists saw increased levels of “functional connectivity” and “significant improvement in psychological resilience” in the brains of participants engaged in producing art, according to the study. The researchers observed that the group making art in an art class were exercising the neural pathways in their brains. This led to increased connectivity and flexibility in their brains by the end of the study. Not only were they delaying the aging process by making art, but they were actually reversing it! As for the group going to museums, the scientists did not see any improvement in connectivity. The results of this study show that you need to actually make art to benefit from its anti-aging effects. 


Interested in adding painting to your anti-aging routine? Contact Psalm's ARTS Studio to book a painting party today!  

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