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Art Practice for Mental Clarity

March 17, 2017

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Art Practice for Mental Clarity

March 17, 2017


Whether you’re a practicing artist or have never held a paint brush, the visual language of images and symbols are a powerful form of communication natural to us all. Human experience carries with it the deep desire for expression, personal growth and self-discovery. Art is the ultimate exercise in stabilizing the mind, improving memory, enhancing mental and physical skills while opening a clear path for creative exploration with each vivid brush stroke.


The physical practice of creating art is a potent healing tool for body and mind. Creative thinking stimulates neurons in the brain leading to sharper focus through visual expression and communication of ideas. The simple act of painting, drawing or creative writing on a regular basis increases concentration and reduces stress. By engaging in new activities and creative challenges, strong connections between brain cells are created, improving memory and mental clarity. These interactions between parts of the brain are vital for maintaining mental stability, which ultimately increases brain plasticity.


Art as Meditation

The process of creating art is a compelling form of meditation. The mental noise of the average daily routine keeps us in a constant state of stress. Meditation through art practice allows for valuable moments of clear focus without the chaos. The deep concentration achieved through meditative art practice releases serotonin, a crucial part of the healing process. Serotonin lowers stress by relaxing the mind and influencing mood. Illness is largely associated with stress and depression, this is why serotonin is vital in maintaining a relaxed and healthy mental state. Art becomes a perfect distraction from everyday concerns, calming the mind, encouraging self-healing and mental strength to take on the many challenges life throws our way. Immersing yourself in art creates a much-needed regenerative boost.


Emotional Health

Happiness is the key to emotional health. Creating art can fill you with an intense sense of achievement and deep satisfaction. All the important ingredients for a happy healthy life can be explored through art. Anxiety, stress, depression even physical pain melts away when engaged in the process of creating something unique. Expressing emotions and ideas that may otherwise remain buried gives us control over our experiences, building confidence and self-esteem. Art teaches us to reflect and become self-aware. Creating art helps to form emotional stability and encourages self-expression to lighten the mental load of a troubled mind.


Art for One and All

At any age, the practice and appreciation of art is all-inclusive. There are no wrong results, each creation is unique to the artist. We are all artists, we share profound experiences that require contemplation to achieve personal growth. The ability to explore creative options and alter thinking patterns is a mental skill applicable to any profession or way of life.


The benefits of art are innumerable, Psalm's ARTS Studio will help you tap into the limitless world of self-expression. Our mobile art studio will bring creativity to any gathering big or small. Make moments with friends and family memorable with custom painting parties for all occasions.

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